The “Free Product” Success

Instagram is home to many giveaways. One somewhat viral company, The Girlfriend Collective, flipped giveaways in a way to get their name and product out, quickly and effectively.

This company’s campaign for leggings took over feeds fairly quickly. The promise? A free pair of standard black leggings (just pay the cost of shipping.) The shipping cost of these leggings was about $20, expensive for a package but cheap for a pair of leggings. Though the price may annoy some out of buying, it didn’t bother others. This worked to the company’s advantage, it helped to regulate the amount of leggings to be delivered. A promise of free product with no cap on the merchandise and no price to pay would lead to numbers that the company couldn’t fulfill (I’ll discuss a situation like this later.)


The company brought out this campaign to help build buzz. As a fairly new brand, they used social media to their advantage so they could stand out in a industry flooded with athleisure brands. What sets the Girlfriend Collective apart is that their leggings are made of recycled bottles, and of course, they give away leggings for next to nothing.

The campaign has since ended, but with their name out the Girlfriend Collective is able to confidently move forward with new designs, products, and color ways. This campaign helped them to get the initial traction they needed, and the buzz from receivers of the leggings has helped lay the foundation for a successful business.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.09.20 AM

Image sources: Instagram + Girlfriend Collective Website


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