Glossier: Weekly Wallpapers

Glossier is a social focused beauty brand, its identity is very well-defined, many followers may identify them by their signature pink bubble wrap pouches or their use of millennial pink.


Glossier has always been a very socially tuned-in brand, due to the fact that their stock is primarily sold online. With the birth of Instagram stories, Glossier began a weekly tradition to interact with their followers; every week, they release one or more wallpapers that can be screenshotted and used by followers of the brand.

These wallpapers are unique, but they reflects Glossier’s brand. For example, it may be in the pink hue the brand so often uses, it could include a design or emoticon that the company utilizes, or it could include or hint at one of the beauty products.

Releasing these images has quite a few effects, one of the main ones being that it involves interaction from the consumer. This tactic may not lead to much growth in reach, for this to happen a stranger would have to ask a follower about a specific wallpaper, or the user would have to share the information. Instead, what these wallpapers do is remind the user of the company every time they look at their phone. It is a clever way to keep Glossier at top of mind, but it also helps to keep the “cult” following of the beauty brand strong.


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