Glossier: Most Instagrammable Room

We’ve spoken about Glossier and their social presence before but, as mentioned, the company is very well adjusted to life online. Most of the transactions Glossier makes are based from their online site. They sell mainly within the United States, but have recently begun the transition to international shipping.

Due to the immense online success, Glossier opened a showroom in the Penthouse space of their SoHo office. The showroom is referred to by Glossier as being “the most instagrammable room.” The company has staged this space to be a perfect place for a quick snap. Fans of the company share images of their famed millennial pink uniforms, and a mirror reading “you look good.” The entryway remains stocked with fresh blooms and the product is always placed in a perfect minimalistic style.

These recognizable aspects of the showroom have even started to travel to pop-ups around the world.

Glossier’s showroom has become a trademark of the company. The room also raises the bar for other online and brick and mortar retailers to create photographable spaces. The more attractive it is, the more likely to be shared.


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