Revolve Part 1

Tagging has been an important part of social media marketing since the beginning. While some companies and personalities list a great number of hashtags in captions and comments, others have found inventive ways to utilize them and build attention around their brand.

Take for example the online fashion retailer, Revolve. This company has built a tradition of sorts from pairing their name with festivals or sponsored events. Some of their tags include #revolvefestival, #REVOLVEaroundtheworld and #revolveinthehamptons.


Revolve in the Hamptons is a major company sponsored event. Every year the company rents out a house and invites international social media influencers to stay for the weekend. These weekends usually consist of game nights, concerts, and lavish meals. Each influencer is supplied with a wardrobe of looks from Revolve, and typically the events of the weekend have a dress code. One night the girls may wear and tag the same designer.

This weekend helps Revolve to build their relationship with their chosen influencers while also expanding the reach of their tags exponentially thanks to the new follower count. Every aspect of the weekend is photogenic since it is centered in social media, and when run and managed correctly, Revolve gets to control their brands image of luxury.


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