For all past companies discussed, majority of the content posted is created by the brand. Some however, approach social media focusing on the consumer. Take Cluse, a minimalistic watch company based in Europe. Most of the content they share on Instagram is user generated.

This tactic may help followers feel more included, perhaps it builds loyalty to the brand.


Cluse is also very active with its ambassadors. Similar to Revolve, who you can read about here, Cluse has employed the help of influencers to grow their name. Unlike Revolve however, Cluse showcases this relationship on their site. These ambassadors share moments in their watches with hashtags to build the company’s name.


Recently, Cluse has even announced a collaboration with Negin Mirsalehi. Negin is a well-known Instagram personality with 4.3 million followers, and counting. This collaboration could lead to major sales for the brand, and will likely result in added followers and engagement on their page. To share this news Cluse uploaded a video featuring Negin. At the time of this post had 46,756 views ( ~6% of their following) and that’s 2 days after the post going live.


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